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Our Capabilities

Our Work


Appointed facilitators to the Deep Transitions Futures project (based at the Universities of Utrecht and Sussex) in April 2021 for a 15-month tenure to facilitate the process of scenario development, stress-testing, international investor panel activity, and the negotiation of a sustainable investment philosophy to act as a manifesto and call to action for next generation investment practices. Specialist expertise in foresight, narrative, and collaboration added value across other aspects of the process, including the development of an impact strategy playbook and guidance to support the amplification of the investment philosophy.

Foresight Fluency

This partnership is now in its third year and currently focused on a deep dive research scan into the legal implications of emerging changes in the relationship between human and nonhuman living systems. The reporting package has just been completed and findings will be released during COP 27 in November 2022.

Collaborative Learning Programme

A long term collaboration, begun in 2016 with ILO-ITC and a three day foresight workshop in Cairo. It continues in phase II with a refresh and extension of the foresight methodology resources as an online toolkit delivered by Wendy. In parallel, Victoria’s delivery of the Collaborative Learning Programme  (born out of the WHO in 2010) continues to gain relevance over at the ILO today. Collaboration and foresight work are hand in glove, as effective collaboration and convening capability set the conditions in which horizon scanning and foresight work can create dialogue, change, resilience and preparedness.

What they say about us

“We are very enthusiastic about the contributions that Dr Wendy Schultz and Victoria Ward, the co-leads at Jigsaw Foresight, have made in our work considering long term system change. This work was undertaken with a globally and ethnically diverse group of institutional investors and a similarly diverse academic research team.

Their many contributions have included the synthesis and communication of theory, effective resolution of many differences of understanding, identification of relevant innovations needing consideration and imaginative ways to facilitate group interaction and forge consensus.

We are very pleased with the level of interpersonal trust that they have been able to foster among all of the participants. As our aim is the development of investment principles that are relevant throughout the world, they have made important contributions to making our work more inclusive and global in perspective.”

– Ed Steinmueller
Professor & principal investigator at SPRU, Deep Transitions Futures Project

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wendy and Victoria for the past two years to help shape the Law Society’s foresight programme and to build engagement with ways of embracing uncertainty, exploring change and playing with futures tools to imagine longer-term horizons…

[They] bring a wonderfully positive energy to the whole process and create friendly and welcoming safe spaces in which all of our participants have felt able to express the seeds of their ideas. My whole experience of working with Wendy and Victoria has been exceptionally valuable, not only for conducting foresight and workshops but for creating complex syntheses of scanning and workshop outcomes and for demonstrating the value of strategic foresight for change at senior level. I never ceased to be humbled by the generosity of their knowledge sharing. “

– Tara Chittenden
Foresight Lead, The Law Society

“Victoria has been a regular companion over the years in forays into the wilds of knowledge management…
Even today we’re using Victoria’s work from over a decade ago in building one of our team’s major products, as it’s still the best there is, anywhere.”

– Alim Khan
Knowledge Lead, International Labour Organisation

Our Team

Victoria Ward / Co-director

Dr Wendy Schultz / Co-director

Jim Scopes

Laura Humphrey

James Stevens

Peter Humphrey

Dr Caitlin McDonald / JF Fellow

Dr Trish O’Flynn / JF Fellow

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